Zoom in to the Guild

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Online event in lieu of the Darebin Songwriters' Guild's Bar 303 event, Internet Highway, Melbourne and beyond

(From the online blurb) - The first online session for 2020. We can't go to Bar 303 🙁 but we can still bring you fine music from an eclectic lineup of regular and new artists – beamed direct to your own home Our remote lineup is an awesome roll-call of great artists: Christina Green Bruce Watson Pat Evans Simon Kerr Jason Mc Near Cam Twomey Sugar n Spice - Vanessa Craven Daniel Pepperial Gillian Sealby Graeme Lechte

At the Guild, we're all about participation and supporting local artists. You can show your support by joining us on Zoom (https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87468988816?pwd=SXk5ODlTMThSbEpwZWNBTFB1NXRodz09 ) or Facebook Live (https://www.facebook.com/darebinsongwritersguild/posts/3928989937127581 ), and sharing the event with your friends. All are welcome.